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cooking for love

“Cooking for Love” is a series of cooking classes that we organize for everyone that loves food or cooking. Our classes will include Italian cuisine, French cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, baking and other European and western cuisines etc. We welcome everyone from 5 years old to 100 years old. 

Through these courses, we hope that we can share with the participants not just professional cooking techniques, but more importantly, the love and sacrifice behind cooking.  Whether it is through our kids and parents program or through  our adult classes, we hope that the participants will have a deeper experience of and learn how to convey love and care to people around them through cooking.

We believe that this love originates from our Creator God who creates everything, including us. Through appreciation of food and experiencing the power of “Cooking for Love” in transforming inter-personal relationships, we hope that the participants will also get to know God Himself.

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