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Taste of Life

Taste of Life

Wherever there are Chinese people, there are Chinese restaurants, and there are many Chinese restaurants in British Columbia. Entering local mainstream jobs requires Canadian work experience, higher education, and fluency in English, which makes it more difficult for immigrants to enter the workplace. Therefore, some people regard restaurant work as a lifelong career, some see it as a temporary way to earn a living, and some have no choice but to accept the new situation. Their mood often fluctuates greatly, and they have nowhere to go under such heavy pressure.

Sunday is the busiest day for restaurants, so those working in restaurants cannot attend regular Sunday Services. Taste of Life is a unique ministry for restaurant workers, chef, restaurant owners, catering professionals and service industry personnel, which outreach them to the Christian faith and connect them to the family of Good Shepherd Vancouver Church. This gives the members a warm feeling of “returning home”.

We grow closer to the Lord, allow members to experience the Holy Spirit and develop deepened relationships with Christ through Holy Communion Service, Scripture Reading, Praise and Worship, Prayers, Bible Study and Discipleship. We have been deeply involved in each other’s lives. In order to support members’ spiritual growth and make them more like Christ, we build strong connections through discipleship training, sharing about our lives, praying with each other, and establishing a sense of belonging.

Fellowship Gathering

Activities include: establish a rich and meaningful Christian life through faith talk; testimonies; praise and worship; Holy Communion; and discipleship training such as Bible study, prayers, and sharing, etc.

📅 Every Tuesday evening, 10:30 pm – 12:00 am
Anglican Network Church of Good Shepherd, Vancouver / Asian and Multicultural Ministries Center, Richmond
🌐 Cantonese
👤 Evangelist Selina Ho, Amy Ng
📞 (604) 872-1884 / (236) 883-2922